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You Could Be Given €2,000 To Live In An Italian Village

You Could Be Given €2,000 To Live In An Italian Village

If you're from the UK, chances are you spend a lot of time chirping on about how shit the place you live in is.

"Shithole, mate," "Fuck all to do here," "Can't wait to get off," are probably among the things you say as you long for a chance to pack your bags and start up somewhere else.


It's not until you fly the nest, either for university or work, that you realise that it might a be shithole, but it's your shithole. Therefore coming back is always precious.

However you feel about where you live, you'll probably be intrigued by an Italian village that offers you money to live there.

If you're itching to get away, then you're very likely to be interested in the €2,000 (£1,700) the mayor of Bormida will give you to keep his village from becoming a ghost town.


The village, in the mountainous region of Liguria, in north-west Italy, is populated by only 394 people, according to the Daily Mail, who all live a simple life.

Major cities are far away from Bormida, the closest is 50 miles away, so it's hardly a tourist trap or ideal for those wanting to build a career.

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However, because it's so sparsely populated, rent has been lowered to as little as €12.50 a week to try and boost the number of people who live there, the Mail reports.

Mayor Daniele Galliano posted the idea on Facebook, declaring that the scheme will be rolled out in two months.

"In order to avoid misunderstandings I wanted to clarify that the call for the rent of municipal housing to €50 will be ready in about two months," he wrote.

Many people seemed enticed by the offer, stating that they'd love to live there.

However, people looking to move there have been warned as there isn't much to do in Bormida.

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"But life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress," a manager of a local restaurant told The Guardian.

What you reckon, you up for it?

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