Are These Strange Noises In Britain The Sound Of Aliens?

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Are These Strange Noises In Britain The Sound Of Aliens?

It was only last week that we saw 'undeniable proof' that UFO's exist.

An Italian astronaut, by the name of Samantha Cristoforetti, was showing how to operate window shutters on board the international space station.

In the background, what looked like stars, were thought to be UFO spacecraft as they were 'speeding by.'


Credit: NASA

Anyway, fast forward to last night and it would seem those supposed UFOs have now come to say hello to our planet.

The creepy footage taken by Calvin Kirklew has some strange noise at the beginning which he can't pin down to it.

It's almost as if a vuvuzela, yes, those trumpet-like things from the 2010 world cup, have come back to haunt us.


Apparently, these sounds have also been heard in America, Bulgarian, Sweden - and now the UK.

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"It was going on for about five or 10 minutes before I started recording and then it carried on for about another 30 minutes," Kirklew said.


The 'event' took place in Nottingham with the 24-year-old marketer having a relaxed night in.

"I was at home with my partner and we could both hear it - it was really weird," he said.

"I was actually amazed I managed to get it recorded," he added.


Many have jumped to rubbish the alien theories - including one of Kirklew's mates who only lived up the road but claimed he couldn't hear it.

Some believe the odd sound was possibly the movement of tectonic plates or jet streams.

The sounds have been heard at different times and locations for almost a decade - the first example was back in 2008 in Belarus.

It would be nice, if it was an alien creating the sound, if they just popped in for the brew. The kettle's been on for years now.

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