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Everybody's Talking About This Frog Because Of Its 'Giant Penis'

Everybody's Talking About This Frog Because Of Its 'Giant Penis'

All is not what it seems, however.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

What's worse than having the smallest penis in your friendship group?

A frog having a bigger penis than you.

Luckily, for those who were made jealous by this frog's 'giant penis' that recently went viral - you don't have to worry about him putting you to shame.

Why? Well, after much deliberation, an amphibian expert revealed that it's not actually a sexual organ. Could have fooled me.

Gerry Marantelli, from the Australian Amphibian Research Centre, told Buzzfeed News: "It's not a penis, frogs don't have them, but penises did evolve from 'legs' during embryonic development so an extra leg is part way there.

"Amphibians in one way likely invented the penis (albeit not the modern one)."

The third leg comes from the tissue that makes up the hind legs, so much to the frog's disappointment, the hype surrounding his member is all false. Unlucky, pal.

I suppose we can be forgiven for thinking it was a penis, it does look a lot like one. Plus, whatever is dripping off it in the final picture doesn't help.

Words by Mark McGowan

Featured image credit: Keith Leech via Facebook

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