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Experts Are Saying Britain Could Face 'Doomsday' In The Next 30 Years

Experts Are Saying Britain Could Face 'Doomsday' In The Next 30 Years

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Some cheery Monday morning news for you here, lads. According to some experts, Britain could face its own 'doomsday' in the next 30 years.


To be completely fair, the way things are going recently, a 'doomsday' wouldn't really surprise me. There's even a theory that David Bowie was holding the universe together which, to be fair, makes some kind of crazy sense.

Anyway, the Mirror reports that a climate change doomsday scenario has warned of a future where Britain is plagued by flooding, scorching heat and water shortages. This could happen in the next 30 years. These findings were published in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017, which was put together by a team of eight UK climate experts.

To make things even worse, there's also food shortage predictions as wars and possible migration (as people flee from areas that are most disrupted by the changing climate) have an impact upon trade.

If you like hot weather, you'll be in for a treat as they've predicted London temperatures could reach 48C (118.4F) with the rest of the country sitting in the high 30s. Sadly, heat-related deaths will treble. Now may be the time to invest in oscillating fans.

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2050 will be the point where water demand is 2.5 times higher than the supply in some parts of the UK.

Weirdly, they've also predicted that flooding will be an issue, with the amount of houses at risk of flooding doubling to nearly two million by 2050.

Professor Richard Bardgett, one of the authors, said: "This report is based on the authoritative views of academics and reliable research.

"It's a matter of real urgency and it will affect us all in the future."


Well, I don't know about you but this is pretty scary stuff.

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