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Lad Selling Treadmill Online Left Stunned When Buyer Sends Him Picture Of Her Bum

Mark McGowan

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Lad Selling Treadmill Online Left Stunned When Buyer Sends Him Picture Of Her Bum

Selling things online can sometimes be a risky business.

There's always the worry that whoever you're selling to won't come through with the money, or will in some way pull a fast one.

A bigger risk though, is putting your personal details on the internet.

All it takes is a quick scroll through Imgur to see that people have been sent some ridiculous shit after having put their phone numbers online.


Lee Kucia was selling a treadmill on GumTree but ended up getting offered some sexual favours instead. The girl also sent him a picture of her bum in exchange for discount.


The potential buyer then sent Lee a picture on WhatsApp of her bum in a pair of see through tights with the message 'tights on lol'.

Back in the text thread, she apologised for the picture.


Thinking he may have been the wrong recipient, Lee brushed it off and accepted her apology.

However, she then started to offer him sex to try and bring down the price of the item.


All image credits: Mercury Press

Lee said: "She kept sending more and more weird things, but whenever I thought it was getting a bit strange she would then apologise or follow it up with something normal. When she sent me a picture of her bum in the tights I didn't know what to think, but she then apologised about it so I presumed it must have been a mistake."

"Clearly I was wrong as in the end she tried to get me to knock down the price by offering me sex. I was quite shocked to be honest."

"She was not put off at all by my lie that I was seeing someone so I implied I was gay in the end - it was the only way I could be sure she got the picture that I wasn't interested."


Lee's mates questioned why he didn't go to meet her, based on the premise that she 'could be beautiful'.

However Lee wants to stay well clear of her and has decided he won't be selling his treadmill to her either.

Words by Mark McGowan

Featured image credit: Mercury Press

Topics: Funny, Sex and Relationships, Weird, whatsapp

Mark McGowan
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