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Planning A Diet? This Guy Drinks Nothing But His Own Piss

Planning A Diet? This Guy Drinks Nothing But His Own Piss

Well, that's one way to do it.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

A man has claimed that drinking nothing but his own piss has helped him lose eight stone.

Dave Murphy, 54, from Essex, says that the unusual method has made him feel 'healthier and fitter' than ever before.

Yeah, it sounds like something out of the latest Bear Grylls TV show, but this guy is adamant that piss is actually better than food. In fact, for 30 days straight back in 2012, he existed on nothing but piss.

He used to weigh 20 stone but now he's a healthy 12 stone.

Dave in his heavier, pre-piss drinking days. Credit: News Dog Media

Dave, who has a 25 year-old daughter and 21 year-old son, explained: "After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I've ever done before and I've lost 8 stone in weight.

"Additionally, I don't need much money to survive anymore. Because of all the wee I drink, I don't need to eat very much food at all.

"As humans, we don't actually have to consume that much. Urine can help us reduce what we need to eat - as it contains everything humans require.

"Most people think your wee is a waste product but it's not. It's actually cleaner than water."

Most days, the only things that Dave consumes is one grapefruit and two glasses of his own urine. His only indulgence is a small portion of chips from his local chippy three times per week.

Credit: News Dog Media

He also uses his urine to moisturize his face and he also washes with it. He maintains that wee is the ultimate anti-aging product.

To be fair, he's 54 and he looks great so maybe he's onto something?

Credit: News Dog Media

As if this all couldn't sound any better, he reckons that it's also cured his asthma.

He explained: "Wee is a snapshot of exactly what your body needs but happens to have too much of at that particular moment.

"For example, if you have an infection then your urine will have the antibodies to fight it. It boosts your immune system and has even cured my life-long asthma."

He used to drink it cold from the fridge with a bit of grapefruit juice, but now he drinks it straight (and warm).

Fair enough, but I can't imagine this catching on any time soon.

Featured Image Credit: News Dog Media

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