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Man Shamed For The Size Of His Penis On 'Naked Dating' Show

Man Shamed For The Size Of His Penis On 'Naked Dating' Show

No-one should be shamed for the way they look. That's just not on. Sadly, it's happened to pretty much all of us.

In fact, I recently got taken the piss out of on Twitter because of my eyebrows. Luckily, I don't take these things to heart.


When it comes to penis size, it's particularly sensitive. No bloke wants to hear they're they're packing a cocktail sausage.

So imagine this guy's embarrassment when he took part in a naked dating show live on radio.

Matthew stripped naked alongside Lily (who were strangers prior to seeing each other nakey), but as soon as he took off his undies he was royally taken the piss out of.

Host Kyle quipped: "You're going to need to do something with that, mate."


Matthew agreed and referred to his penis as a 'peanut' before shaking it around in an attempt to make it grow a bit. Kyle's co-host, Jackie, seemed surprised that this could change the size. She remarked: "Oh wow, there's a real improvement after what you just did! Oh, you guys can really change the size of it!"

To make matters worse, Matthew then struggled to take Lily's bra off. Can we not give this poor guy a break?!

This comes after the same radio show made headlines after two people met on it and... urm... banged later that day. Hey, you can't argue with results.

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Viewers Shocked After Man 'Helicopters' His Penis On Naked Attraction

Danielle and Richie appeared on the show in robes, as is standard, before quickly being told to take them off.

"Slide his robe off his shoulders and tell us what you think of the bloke," said Kyle.

Danielle remarked: "Oh hot damn!" when Richie removed his clothes.

She then added that she was keen for 'Netflix and chill'.

They went on the show the following day, and Kyle said: "I'm going to ask you officially. Did you guys bang sometime yesterday? Wait for the drum roll.

"OK, Danielle, tell us. Did you bang yesterday or not?"

"Um, yep," she replied.

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