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Man Spent 90 Days In Jail After Police Thought Drywall Was Cocaine

Man Spent 90 Days In Jail After Police Thought Drywall Was Cocaine

A man says he spent three months in jail after police wrongly believed drywall found in his car was cocaine.

How pissed off would you be?

Karlos Cashe, from Florida, was pulled over by police for driving with no headlights, but then officers spotted some white powder in the vehicle.

Cashe told cops from the Oviedo Police Department 'repeatedly' that the powder was drywall, WFTV reports.


Credit: CBS

He 'continuously' told officers: "I know for a fact it's drywall, because I'm a handyman."

Police ran a check on Cashe and found that he was on probation for marijuana and cocaine charges from back in 2015.


Credit: PA

And, then, weirdly, the officer's field test came up positive for cocaine when they tested the substance. But it turns out the test was bollocks, because Cashe was telling the truth. It was drywall.

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However, this didn't come out for 90 days after the arrest, when a lab test showed the substance was negative.


Dashcam footage of Cashe being arrested. Credit: Fox News


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In an additional fuck up, court records show that he was denied bond because he had violated his probation hours later, although police realised their system was out of date and Cashe hadn't broken his curfew.

He told WFTV: "I sat there 90 days knowing I was innocent. I don't want this to happen to anybody else."


Credit: WFTV

Cashe told Fox News he's now looking into ways to claim back the money he lost due to being locked away.

He said: "I want some compensation for them. When I make a mistake, I've got to pay for it. That's why I was on probation. It's no different."


Oviedo Police Department told CBS News it will re-evaluate the field test kits, but added that they are 99 percent accurate.

Featured Image Credit: WFTV

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