People Are Breaking Their Thumbs In New Inexplicable Internet 'Craze'

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People Are Breaking Their Thumbs In New Inexplicable Internet 'Craze'

I sympathise with the struggles of being born into the wrong economy, not being to able to afford this or that, and all the other stuff inherent to being a millennial. Other times, I just think oh for fuck sake, we don't deserve anything except baby boomer flack, do we?

Take this new 'craze' sweeping social media of people sharing pictures of their broken thumbs.

You read that right. People are now breaking their thumb ligaments in accordance with a picture showing how to do so.

It is titled: "If you are bored: How to break your thumb ligament".


Turns out a lot of people are bored.

@_Taylor_Lynn98, said: "Why in god's name did I attempt to break my thumb ligament?"

Another said: "That shit really says 'how to break your thumb ligament' and ppl still doin it."


"Me and my sister tried the thumb ligament thing and it f**king hurts I'm so dumb," @coupdetatmv chimed in.

Joaquin wrote: "My thumb ligament hurts omg I'm so dumb".


Credit: Twitter

One Tweeter even wrote: "Gonna break my thumb ligament so I won't have to go to school".

According to the NHS, torn hand ligaments can take 12 weeks to recover from, and a further six months to regain total movability.


Featured image credit: Twitter

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