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Someone's Selling The New Fiver For 300k And I Hope No-One Buys It

Someone's Selling The New Fiver For 300k And I Hope No-One Buys It

Grinds my gears.

The whole fuss surrounding the new fiver's a bit daft, isn't it? Yeah, it's not crinkly, slips into your pocket like a day rider and even has the great Winston Churchill as its emblem, but I'm not about all these guys digging deeper.

Some people are now trying to sell their notes on the basis that they are connected to Satan himself. One's even listed on eBay at £300,000.

In what way is it connected to the antichrist? The serial number in the bottom right of the fiver is AA01 666247. The seller's running with this as follows:

"AA01 The first serial numbers.

"666 The devil's number.

"24 Hours a day.

"7 Days a week."

Image credits: eBay

Before you start laughing too much, let me inform you that this person has 100% positive feedback on the e-commerce, consumer site.

It doesn't end there. There also exists a second 'Devil fiver' with a serial number containing the letters and digits 'AL53 666282'. Although the starting price is a lot less at £50,000, it's still pretty cheeky.

Image credits: eBay

The description reads: "A very RARE £5 note unfolded serial number AL53 666 282.

"53 representing coronation year.

"666 sign of the devil Lucifer.

"282 could also represent 2nd of april 1982 Falklands War.

"A superb collectors item for the Falklands war, satanical collector or illuminati collectors."

Alright, enough of this bollocks. Now you're just grasping.

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