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Tattooist Jailed For Drawing Penis Instead Of Yin Yang Sign On Woman

Tattooist Jailed For Drawing Penis Instead Of Yin Yang Sign On Woman

Featured image credit: Kelvyn Skee via Flickr

It's easy to take the piss out of someone when they willingly get a shit tattoo. Big Dave's arse adorned with that girl's name he fell in love with by the pool but never spoke to is a shit tattoo that deserves ripping.

It's not so easy when you trust your tattooist to ink you exactly as you asked and then he goes off on a completely different and slightly disturbing tangent.

An Austrian woman who wanted a simple Yin-Yang sign on her back was left distraught when her tattooist decided he'd draw a penis and the word 'Fuck' on here back instead.


According to The Local, the incident happened in the small city of St. Pölten in Lower Austria.

The 21-year-old woman was shown a template for the correct symbol by the tattooist but when push came to shove, he drew a dick instead, a court heard.

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The woman only realised when she got home and looked at her new tattoo in the mirror.


The tattooist's excuse for that tattoo was simple: "Just because."

He was prosecuted for causing bodily harm, as well as older charges of burglary and fighting.

He was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail and will be sent to an institution for mentally abnormal defenders.

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