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​These Pictures Are From Some Of The Eeriest Junkyards In The World

​These Pictures Are From Some Of The Eeriest Junkyards In The World

Junkyards are almost as creepy as graveyards - old things that aren't wanted anymore, forgotten, useless, rusting away. It's sad. But fascinating.

And there's some really weird abandoned stuff out there.


In England

The red telephone box is such a British symbol - and you still see a few of them around the place, mostly in villages and up country lanes. But they're not in use anymore - everyone has a mobile phone these days. They're almost obsolete.

In Merstham, Surrey, Unicorn Restorations are collecting them - they have around 70,000 and they restore them and sell them on. A red telephone box will set you back £1,000-2,000! People all over the world want them, from Abu Dhabi to The States. The design is iconic and cool, if a little kitsch.

In The States


Staten Island Graveyard is a dumping ground for retired boats. On the northern shore in Staten Island, it was founded in the 1930s and has sorts of boats from the 20th century.

There's a big sign that says 'No Trespassers' but that doesn't deter people. Marine biologists tour the place by canoe and kayak and tourists love to walk around the rusting ships - it's eerie and mysterious. It's got every kind of boat you could be interested in, from tug to naval - and even a ship that was used in World War II; the USS PC 1264 which was the first ship to be almost entirely staffed by African-Americans.

In Ukraine

Some have a sad history. In Chernobyl, the helicopters, tanks and army vehicles used in the clean up after the worst ever nuclear power disaster are lying about in a strange military graveyard.

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The vehicles had to have all their wiring removed because they were contaminated with radiation. It's a strange and silent reminder of the horrible tragedy that happened in Ukraine in the 1980s.

In Bangladesh

You can't think about Bangladesh without being reminded that there are 156 million people living there - and the biggest transport is rickshaws. But after a rickshaw has gotten too old, where do they go? To this graveyard in Bangladesh.

It's picturesque; tropic trees and a pretty lake, but thousands of rickshaws have been abandoned there.

In Russia

This forgotten Soviet Submarine Graveyard lies on the Kola Peninsula in the Artic Circle is full of Cold War subs and ships. It's one of the bleakest abandoned naval bases on the planet.

The submarines were used for target practice in the 1970s - reminders of the vast fleet that the Russians used to have back when it was behind the Iron Curtain. It looks like a scene set from a Jack Ryan film in the 80s. I can see Alec Baldwin running around here with a gun, trying to get a Russian spy.

In The States

And eeriest of all, these busts of former American presidents sit in a remote farm in Virginia in the States. There's nearly 40 giant heads - which weigh around 7000 pounds, sitting among weeds. They were made by sculptor David Adickes as a centrepiece for Presidents Park, a 10-acre open air museum in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The park opened in 2004, but closed seven years ago to poor attendance. A farmer decided he fancied the busts and stuck them in a field. Can you imagine driving past these giant heads at night? It would freak you out...

Words by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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