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Conspiracists Reckon Car Crash That Killed Putin's Chauffeur Was An Assassination Attempt

Conspiracists Reckon Car Crash That Killed Putin's Chauffeur Was An Assassination Attempt

If, like me, you love a conspiracy theory then make yourself a brew, sit down and put your tin foil hat on, because this is a good one.

Earlier this week Vladimir Putin's chauffeur was killed in a car crash, while driving an official car, registered to the Federation Council. The head-on collision was caught on camera and it's pretty graphic. At the time the Russian media reported that the car was driven by Vlad's 'favourite driver' and police launched an investigation into what happened.

A tragic accident, you say? Well, not according to some conspiracy theorists who reckon that it was actually a 'sign' or even as part of an assassination attempt, the Daily Mail reports.

WARNING: Distressing footage


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A website called the Millennium Report (dated name, that) has said that 'foreign agents' have been operating in the area. The website, which is pro-Putin, writes that it's 'not very often that the head of state of a superpower nation is sent such a dramatic and violent message.'

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