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Woman Arrested After Faking A Kidnapping So Her Husband Didn't Find Out She Was Cheating

Woman Arrested After Faking A Kidnapping So Her Husband Didn't Find Out She Was Cheating

Personally, I have never dabbled in any kind of infidelity. I therefore wouldn't really know what to say as an excuse for any wrong doings, although I'd assume keeping it simple is key.

Dropping yourself into a fictional kidnapping to stop your partner from finding out you're on a date with another man, which then kick starts a police probe, doesn't sound like the best idea.

Not everyone is partial to the old 'I'm just seeing my friends tonight' lie, so a fake manhunt is obviously the way forward...

According to the Miami Herald, 32-year-old stripper Karla Vasquez told her husband she'd been abducted, so he called the police.


Vasquez was eventually found out and, because her story was a lie, she was arrested for falsely reporting an alleged crime.

Her arrest report said: "Knowing that she was not in danger, Vasquez deliberately caused her husband to call the police and report a kidnapping.

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"Vasquez at no point was in need of police assistance."


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Police used the GPS systems in Vasquez's car and phone to locate her, and spotted her driving the car which she claimed she was kidnapped in.

According to the police report, the stripper told police that she didn't return home after work, but had gallivanted off to a bar where she met the other man and 'decided to spend the night with him'.


To be honest, she could have just been completely honest with her husband and avoided this whole debacle!

Words by Mark McGowan

Featured image credit: Local10

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