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Lidl’s BBQ Pizza Oven Is £5 Cheaper Than Aldi - And Available Right Now

Lidl’s BBQ Pizza Oven Is £5 Cheaper Than Aldi - And Available Right Now

Lidl and Aldi BBQ pizza ovens go head to head

Summer is officially here and people want to know what the best BBQ's are this year.

Others are going for something a bit different, which is why BBQ pizza ovens have been flying off the shelves in Aldi.

But now Lidl has one to rival it - and it's £5 cheaper than Aldi's.

Lidl's Grillmeister Barbecue Pizza Oven is coming back to the 'middle of Lidl' on Sunday 13th June and is priced at £34.99.

The middle of Lidl is the superstore's equivalent to Aldi Special Buys.

So how do the two bargain BBQ cookers compare?

Lidl Grillmeister Barbeque Pizza Oven
Lidl Grillmeister Barbecue Pizza Oven (

At £34.99, Lidl gives you a pizza oven which can be used on either gas or charcoal barbecues.

The oven has a "moisture absorbing" feature "for extra crispy pizzas"" and a perforated base for "optimal air circulation and heat distribution," says Lidl. It's also got an integrated thermostat, making it easy to control the temperature.


The 30.5cm radius pizza stone is removable and "easy to clean."

The BBQ pizza oven's dimensions are: L40 x W35 x H14cm.

Aldi Gardenline BBQ Pizza Oven
Aldi Gardenline Barbecue Pizza Oven (

For an extra fiver, Aldi is offering pretty much the same specs with their BBQ pizza oven - and a 3-year warranty.

So it's really a case of which BBQ pizza oven you can get your hands on before they sell out again.

The Aldi BBQ pizza oven is pretty much the same size too (L40 x W35 x 1H5cm).


Aldi is also selling a 3-in-1 kebab and frill for £30, which is half the price of a similar item on Amazon (£62.99) - absolute steal if you ask us.

Aldi has also jumped right on the money after a rise in Google trends searches for 'at home bar.' Aldi's Rattan Garden Bar sold out within minutes of going online the other week and their dual-fuel BBQ was flying off the shelves just as quick - that came back in stock online last weekend.

With a scorching summer ahead of us and many coronavirus restrictions still in place, Brits have been making their own back-garden bars and al--fresco dining settings to host friends and family.

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