Joe Rogan Almost Throws Up After Sniffing Smelling Salts


Joe Rogan Almost Throws Up After Sniffing Smelling Salts

Joe Rogan almost threw up on his latest podcast episode when he tried sniffing special smelling salts that a lot of weightlifters apparently use before a workout.

Rogan had comedian and fellow podcaster Theo Von on as a guest when the two were both knocked back by the mysterious pot of smelling salts. Theo Von is the host of This Past Weekend with Theo Von and co-host of The King and the Sting as well as being a stand-up comedian.

During the episode, Von and Rogan tried out the same salts that strongman Rob Kearney claims to sniff before a workout. Kearney was a guest on Rogan's podcast a few weeks prior.


The salts came sealed up in a bag as well as the jar being sealed in plastic. Just by opening the bag, Rogan and his guest could already smell the pungent salts. It's advised that you don't open your eyes while smelling these salts and only "waft" rather than fully inhale. You also shouldn't smell them more than twice a day, according to Jamie, one of Rogan's right-hand men on the podcast.

With that said, Rogan noted, "we're freaking out about this smell and the plastic is... d'you hear that? That's Theo taking the plastic off the bottle, so that b***h was sealed up."

Von apprehensively took the lid off the pot and before sniffing said, "I've done some things in my time...". The comedian shook the container before taking a whiff and being blown back by the smell. Watch their reactions in the video below.


Laughing, Rogan said: "They do that right before they lift - are you okay bro?"

"Before they lift what bro?" replied Von, with his face still screwed up from the smell.

"Before they lift weights," replied Rogan.

"Before they lift the f*****g universe? Before they lift their future?" siad Von, wiping tears out of his eyes and handing the jar to Rogan.


"There's something about this stuff that when you take a whiff of it right before you lift, it's supposed to like jolt your nervous system, right? Is that the idea?" to which a man off camera named Jamie said: "I think it's supposed to make you forget about everything else." Rogan then found out for himself.

Rogan gave the substance of the jar a sniff and soon shot back from the pungent smell. He was gagging and almost threw up.

"Oh my God that's stunning," he said, scrunching up his face. "I would have never imagined."


Then after a few moments of coughing and flinching from the smell, it was Jamie's turn. A cough could be heard off camera and he asked if he'd just sniffed ammonia.

"I feel like I've smelled that when a kid pukes at elementary school? That's what they use to like get it up," said Von.

"Oh I think that's different," said Rogan, still flinching. "I think that's [the jar of salts] much more potent."

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