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£78m Worth Of Cocaine Discovered By Police In Warehouse

£78m Worth Of Cocaine Discovered By Police In Warehouse

Northamptonshire Police have found £78m worth of cocaine hidden in a an industrial estate warehouse.

Northamptonshire Police have made their ‘biggest seizure’ of Class A drugs to date, after finding holdalls full of cocaine hidden in a warehouse. 

The find occurred last Friday (November 26), when a group of Northamptonshire Police officers were following-up a theft report of a van that was making a delivery on an industrial estate.  

Upon arriving to the estate, officers found numerous holdalls filled with the Class A substance and then with the use of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), tracked down further holdalls of the drug in a dumped van. 

A holdall of cocaine, credit: Northamptonshire Police
A holdall of cocaine, credit: Northamptonshire Police

In total, 18 holdalls of cocaine were discovered, with an estimated street value of £78 million. 

This news comes exactly a month after Northamptonshire Police charged a man, 39, for the importation of Class A drugs. 

An investigation has since been launched into where the bags cocaine came from and who was transporting them.

So far, Northamptonshire Police have arrested four people in connection with their investigation and have since released them on bail, pending further enquiries.  

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Blatchly has confirmed that of the 4 people arrested, 3 were men and 1 was a woman.  

Northamptonshire Police

Detective Superintendent Emma James said: “This is the biggest seizure of Class A drugs by Northamptonshire Police.

“In total we’ve recovered 780kg of cocaine which, following forensic analysis, has been moved out of the county. 

“This was a large-scale transportation of Class A drugs and our investigation will be looking at who was responsible for bringing it into Northamptonshire and what their plans were for distributing it. 

James then adds that: “Tackling serious organised crime is a matter of priority for us in Northamptonshire. 

“People may think that buying cocaine for a night out isn’t an issue, but the organised crime gangs involved in distributing Class A drugs are often also responsible for other forms of criminality, such as modern slavery and the coercion of vulnerable people to house and deal drugs, violence and firearms offences."

The Detective Superintendent then closes with an appeal to the public: “We’re urging anyone who has any information about the people involved in organised crime or drug dealing to contact us online, by calling 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.” 

Featured Image Credit: Northamptonshire Police

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