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An Alligator, A Burmese Python And Fiddler's Creek Golf Course

An Alligator, A Burmese Python And Fiddler's Creek Golf Course

The clash to end all clashes took place on the Fiddler's Creek golf course in Naples, Florida.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Whether it's bear vs. tiger, lion vs. antelope, or Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, there are few things cooler than watching two heavyweights of the animal kingdom slugging it out.

That's exactly what unsuspecting golfers discovered in Florida, USA, as they wandered on the 10th hole of their golf course to catch a large alligator in the middle of an almighty tussle with a Burmese python.

The bout between the pair took place at The Golf Club at Fiddler's Creek in Naples, Florida, with the predators apparently locked in a battle to the death.

It's safe to say that Florida is one of the gnarliest US state for Animals You Wouldn't Want In Your Bedroom, with the state boasting deadly sharks, gators, snakes and spiders among its occupants.

That list has been added to by the Burmese python, an invasive species which originally hails from south-east Asia but is slowly taking over the swamps of Florida. The pythons are believed to have populated in the Floridan Everglades after escaping from a zoo after a hurricane in 1992.

As the python population has grown and gradually spread further north in Florida, there have been increasing incidences of alligators tussling with the snakes - such as this scrap here.

Photos of the almighty tussle were shared on Facebook by golfer Richard Nadler, with most people seeming to take the side of the all-American alligator.

"That's an incredible picture .. looks to me like the alligator won," one person commented.

"That's one way to help the snake population," another added.

"That's amazing, do they eat golf balls??" a third person asked. Well, they might do once they're done with trying to eat each other.

Amazingly, this probably isn't the most epic example of the snakes and gators facing off. One person commenting on the snaps, claiming to be a native Floridan, described the alligator as 'actually kinda small'.

This isn't the last time Floridans will see gators scrapping with the pythons in this way as the two species continue to compete for space and food across the south-eastern state.

In the meantime, bystanders can just enjoy the brutal spectacle of nature in action - and avoid them as they go for that hole-in-one, of course.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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