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Animal Lovers Furious After Horse Is Forced To Perform In Nightclub

Animal Lovers Furious After Horse Is Forced To Perform In Nightclub

The Mokai nightclub in Miami Beach is under fire after a vid circulated of the horse panicking and throwing off the woman riding it

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

A Florida nightclub is under fire from animal rights lovers after a video emerged of a petrified horse throwing off a dancer while it was being forced to perform for revelers.

The footage was recorded at Mokai Lounge nightclub in Miami Beach, according to local news source Local 10.


The video shows a go-go dancer in black lingerie trying to ride the white horse in front of a large crowd of wild clubbers.

Clearly unprepared to perform in front of the large crowd, the horse is shown rearing up and sending the dancer tumbling to the floor.

A man eventually brings the horse under control and it appears to be guided back out of the venue.


Since the video found its way onto social media, the nightclub has faced severe criticism with many people taking to Instagram to slam the video.

One furious Instagram user wrote: "This is not okay and if it does not upset or disturb you then you need to re-evaluate yourself and your morals/values.

"It is inhumane and the definition of animal cruelty."

Another wrote: "It's upsetting to see this beautiful soul being treated so inhumanly. For those of you at Mokai who participated and allowed this to happen, IT IS Animal Cruelty.

"I hope the full force of Florida law is applied to those who were involved and this place gets shut down."


The video has now been passed to police who confirmed they are investigating the incident.

"We are very concerned over the allegations," Miami Beach police spokesman Officer Ernesto Rodriguez told Local 10. "As such, we have launched a joint investigation with Miami Beach code enforcement."

Mokai nightclub has yet to comment on the controversial footage.

Horses in the Swiss national circus Brothers Knie.

Public sympathy for performing animals is ramping up recently as many countries crack down on the use of animals in circuses, particularly animals usually found in the wild.

The UK government recently pledged to ban wild circus animals from travelling circuses in England by the year 2020.

Opinion polls have shown that people across the UK are overwhelmingly against circus acts featuring wild animals, with a high number of people wanting the shows to feature no animals at all.

Wild animal circus acts are opposed by vets and animal rights activists who argue that travelling circuses can't meet wild animals' welfare needs.

Ireland and Scotland have already passed similar bans on the practice, while Wales is now set to discuss its own ban.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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