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Blind Bear Held Captive And Forced To Fight By Cruel Gang

Blind Bear Held Captive And Forced To Fight By Cruel Gang

A cruel gang held a bear captive forcing it to fight dogs while tied up, even after it went blind.

The black bear, which has since been named Playful Pooh, spent most of his life tied up, muzzled and forced to fight dogs, which would leave him with painful injuries and is even thought to be responsible for his blindness.


Workers from animal charity World Animal Protection say they're unsure how Playful Pooh ended up with his cruel owners but say that many bears are taken as cubs after their mothers are killed by poachers.

Thankfully, he was rescued alongside 11 other bears and has spent the last four years in Balkasar Sanctuary - but his keepers believe he may never fully recover from the trauma he suffered at the hands of bear-baiting and will never be able to return to the wild.

Marie Chambers, wildlife campaigns manager at World Animal Protection told the Mirror: "He's a traumatised bear.

"He still has a lot of behavioural issues. He's had times when he doesn't move, our partners have had to find a way to make him move.


"They discovered that what worked best was to fill big bones with food and start spreading it out."

She went on to say that she believes poor Playful Pooh was blinded by dogs during a fight or from the brutal treatment of his previous 'owners'.

Asiatic black bears usually live for around 25 to 30 years, but the ones caught and forced to fight rarely live past eight.

The charity is now calling for an end to bear-baiting, which is still practised in Playful Pooh's home country of Pakistan - despite the fact it's been illegal since the 1980s

Although Playful Pooh is now safe, Marie estimates around 120 other bears are currently being used for so-called 'entertainment' in Pakistan - many being forced to 'dance' and around 15 used for fighting and baiting.

Cruel captors will remove bear's claws and teeth and during 'fights' they will be tied up and set upon by a dog or several dogs.

Marie explained: "It has no way to escape. The fights go on for three minutes and the bears' injuries are rarely treated properly.

"They don't have sharp teeth or claws because these are normally removed when they are clubs."

She added: "They don't have a life.

"Ten years ago there were a lot of bear baiting events, but thanks to some great work by our partners this has now gone down.

"However, it's now gone underground, which makes it more difficult to stop."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/World Animal Protection

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