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Buffalo Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse And Attacks Owner

Buffalo Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse And Attacks Owner

The bull can be seen on surveillance footage repeatedly charging at its owner, ramming him into the metal frame and tossing in the air

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman


A scared buffalo bull was filmed running into a courtyard after managing to escape a slaughterhouse - before charging at its owner and ramming into him three times.

The surveillance video was captured on 18 March in the town of Huangbei in the city of Meizhou, which is situated in China's southern province of Guangdong.

The clip begins with an empty courtyard, before the bull begins to wander in through the gate.

Having heard a noise, a father and son emerge from their door to investigate what's going on, which is when they realised the beast has made its way into the courtyard.

The father beckons for his son to come back inside, as the bull's owner runs into the courtyard to try and get the animal back to the slaughterhouse.


However, the bull has other ideas, and instead begins to repeatedly charge at its owner, ramming him into a metal frame and tossing him up into the air.

The owner, now winded and injured, grabs a mop to help steady himself and tries to enter the home of the unnamed father and son, but as he slips and falls over, he manages to startle the creature again - in turn prompting the bull to ram him a second and third time.

The homeowner and his son remain in the safety of the house, meaning the bull owner is stranded in the courtyard... with a none-too-happy animal.

After a nasty battering, the video ends with the bull disappearing out of frame and circling around to the back of the house, as more witnesses arrive to check out the commotion.


According to reports, the owner of the bull suffered injuries that were thankfully not life-threatening, but came out of the incident with broken ribs and a ruptured small intenstine.

The bull was later captured and transported back to the abattoir.

A Colorado police officer found herself in a similarly hairy situation recently when she was attacked by a wild mountain lion.

The incident happened on Wednesday 11 March as the officer and her colleagues were responding to a report that the animal was underneath a trailer in Loveland, Colorado, US.

When the police arrived they were met with rangers from Larimer County Natural Resources and game wardens from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, shortly before the lion jumped on top of the deputy with another officer kicking it.

The lion, which had attacked a citizen before the police arrived, was shot dead as it tried to run away.

Thankfully, it turns out the officer is 'one tough cookie' and was able to get out of the situation without any life-threatening injuries.

A police statement from Larimer County Sheriff's Office said: "Deputies arrived, saw the mountain lion, and tried to keep it contained.

"The mountain lion moved to the east into a trailer park as deputies followed in efforts to keep those residents safe. The mountain lion attacked a deputy and multiple shots were fired at the animal.

"The mountain lion continued moving east across the river and to a home on Black Crow Road near Highway 34. A CPW game warden shot and killed the animal near the home.

"The injured citizen and deputy were both transported by ambulance to local hospitals with apparent but non-life-threatening injuries inflicted by the animal."

Adding an update on the officer's condition, Sheriff Justin Smith posted Thursday on Facebook: "When I visited my deputy at the hospital yesterday she was in great spirits, despite a significant bite to her shoulder. She is one tough cookie.''

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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