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​Bull Leaps Into Crowd At Spanish Event Before Being Shot Dead

​Bull Leaps Into Crowd At Spanish Event Before Being Shot Dead

One person is reportedly in a critical condition and another is seriously injured, while a further 17 were also hurt

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Dramatic footage from an event in Vidreres in north-east Spain shows the moment a bull leaps into the audience and starts hurling itself at spectators.

The incident happened at a festival in a village near Girona on Sunday evening, injuring a total of 19 people.

The bull managed to jump over the ring's fence and into the crowd, before running amok in the stands.

Eventually, a local police officer shot the bull.

According to The Mirror, one person is in a critical condition following the bull's rampage, while another is seriously injured and a further 17 were also hurt.

In shocking video footage from the event, which is being shared on social media, the bull can be seen jumping out of the ring and into the seating area.

Many spectators scrambled to run for safety as it charged towards them, while others can be seen trying to grab it - potentially to bring the beast under control.

The bull even managed to get out of the arena and ran out into a car park in a nearby wooded area, where it sparked even more widespread panic. It was later shot dead by police.

The two people who were most seriously injured were taken to Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona, while another two were taken to Santa Caterina Hospital. The majority of people, however, were able to be treated at the scene.

Vidreres Town Hall said in a statement: "Vidreres Town Hall regrets the incident that happened on Sunday in which a bull has left several people injured.

"The police have launched an investigation."

The statement added: "We would like to transmit our solidarity and concern to the casualties, their relatives and friends, and wish them a speedy recovery."

The panic in the stands as the bull charged.

The drama comes just a day after a 52-year-old man died in hospital from a bull attack on the east coast of Spain, having been gored at an annual festival in Castellon.

Last month, another man was gored to death by a bull while taking part in a festival in Alicante, south-east Spain.

The man was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Sadly, however, doctors were unable to save his life and he died as a result of his injuries.

A minute's silence was held out of respect and all festival activities for the day were cancelled.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@paulaclapess

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