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Cat Gets Scared By Puma Running On TV In Front Of Him

Cat Gets Scared By Puma Running On TV In Front Of Him

It doesn't take much to spook some people - a horror movie that friends have promised 'isn't even scary', a peculiar bump in the night, spotting a spider in your peripheral vision (only to realise it's just a ball of dust)...

But what about footage of a puma running in slow motion on a TV screen? That's what freaked out this poor little cat, who scarpered within split seconds of spotting it.


On 5 March, Titan the cat was quietly cleaning his paws, minding his own business, in his living room in Texas.

Suddenly, a running puma appeared on the TV screen in front of him - at which point Titan turned his head and immediately bolted.

Owner Nooshin Gomnam said: "It was totally unexpected, we were just filming him randomly like we often do."


The footage was posted on an Instagram page dedicated to the other cat Titan lives with, a Siamese cat called Nova, with the caption: "He wasn't expecting that at all."

Other Instagrammers felt for the poor fella, with one writing sympathetically: "I'd crap my pants to seeing that."

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Another said the clip was 'so cute', while another took a stab at thinking what was going through Titan's mind at the time, writing: "'Holy shit, I'm out!!' LMAO."

Mind you, Titan's experience isn't the only cat-based horror story we've seen recently.

One woman in Austin, Texas, recently shared footage from her Nest camera - which appeared to show a 'ghost cat' magically disappearing into thin air.

The clip was filmed on 12 January, and shows the cat walking up the path until it gets into the light - which is when it suddenly disappears from sight into the shadows.

The video was shared by a woman called Natalie, who referred to the creature as a 'ghost cat'.

She told Newsflare: "My husband set up the whole security system for safety reasons as he's away in the US Army, and I watched it and oh my God! I caught a ghost cat?!"

The clip was also shared on YouTube - where not everyone seemed as convinced about Natalie's feline apparition.

While a few people said they thought it was a 'ghost cat' - with one joking "Who are we going to call? Ghostbusters!!!" - others weren't having it.

One person speculated: "Actually the cat is still there. The cheap camera couldn't differentiate between the color of the cat and the shadow cast across the pathway."

Another commented: "Seriously? You think the cat is vanishing? Really? It has nothing at all to do with security cameras having issues with dark colors?Definitely not digital artifacts? Seriously? Can you see my obvious sarcasm here? Come on guys!"

I wonder how Titan would react to the clip...

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