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Cheeky Lemur Steals Reporter's Wig During Live News Segment

Cheeky Lemur Steals Reporter's Wig During Live News Segment

A cheeky lemur stole the limelight when it yanked a weather reporter's wig from her head while she was live on air.


WALB's Chief Meteorologist Yolanda Amadeo was reporting live from the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia, where she was speaking to a representative from Eudora Farms Petting Zoo.

For the segment, the petting zoo's rep was holding a ring-tailed lemur, which decided to hop over to Amadeo's shoulder midway through the broadcast.

Remaining professional, Amadeo managed to keep her cool, nodding and smiling away as the interviewee continued to speak to her.


But the lemur, which had been clinging onto her head, suddenly leapt up, taking off with Amadeo's wig.

Thankfully, the quick-thinking weather presenter was able to grab the hair piece just in time, and was able to pull it back into place as the lemur jumped back onto the petting zoo worker's shoulder.

However, as the lemur settled back onto its original perch, it continued to eye up the wig - eventually taking another swipe at Amadeo's head - forcing her to run off camera, clutching her hair.

The hairy moment didn't go unnoticed by viewers, with one tweeting a recording of the clip, writing: "Our local weather lady got her wig snatched by a lemur on live TV today."

Mind you, while the incident may have left Amadeo feeling a little red-faced, at least it didn't see her covered in lion wee - which is exactly what happened to a news reporter in Australia.

9News reporter Mike Dalton was at Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Western Sydney to interview Donna Wilson, at one point crouching down on the floor.

As he did so, a lion turned its back and lifted its tail - at which point Donna warned: "You're gonna get peed on..."

Unfortunately for Mike, the inevitable happened just before he had time to move out of the way, meaning he got a good soaking.

Donna, who bought the 15-year-old lion called Korvu from Lennon's Circus along with his two wives Keeara and Maisy, stood laughing as Mike joked to the camera: "That's called nature".

Apologising on behalf of the lion, Donna wrapped her arm around Mike's piss-stained shoulder and begun to give him a good sniff.

Probably making Mike feel a million times better, Donna went on to tell him how he smelt. In case you were wondering - lion spray/urine smells like 'stale popcorn'.


Featured Image Credit: WALB/Twitter - @SheaBrowning

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