Diver Dances With Huge Shark In Russian Aquarium

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Diver Dances With Huge Shark In Russian Aquarium

While most of us are happy enough to keep our distance from sharks, some people can't seem to stay away... like this chap from Russia who was spotted involved in a shocking waltz with one at an aquarium.


Visitors to the Planet Neptune Oceanarium in St Petersburg, Russia, struggled to believe their eyes when they saw the diver dancing around with the whopping shark as his partner.

Looking like a cruel mash-up between Blue Planet and Strictly Come Dancing, the diver can be seen holding onto the upright shark's fin with one hand while his other arm is around its back as he slowly swings the massive fish to the left and right.


The clip, which was shot back in October 2019, has racked up thousands of views, and the diver's actions have been attracting criticism.

One animal-lover wrote: "The sharks that I've seen captive in aquariums look severely depressed-not moving, just waiting to die-like this poor shark. For an aquarium to abuse a shark for profit like this is extremely disturbing."

Credit: Viral Hog
Credit: Viral Hog

David Weaver, of British Colombia, visited Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto in October 2017, when he decided to hop inside the huge tank, which contained sharks, eels, sawfish and turtles.

He swam around, naked, for around five minutes before security managed to get rid of him.

Appearing in court in September, Weaver said he had drunk alcohol before he visited the aquarium.

According to CBC News, he told the judge: "I just want to take the time to apologise for wasting your time, your honour, the court's time, and for my actions of last year."


Crown attorney Heather Keating said: "His behaviour was more than foolhardy, it was criminal.

"There is no other explanation other than attention seeking."

He was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and told he could not return to Ripley's.

Outside of court, reporters questioned him about his crime, to which he jokingly replied: "I'll do it again."

Featured Image Credit: Viral Hog

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