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Firefighter Saves Group Of Koalas From Bushfires In South Australia

Firefighter Saves Group Of Koalas From Bushfires In South Australia

The Australian bushfires are continuing the ravage various parts of the country, in turn killing animals and destroying their habitats

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A woman in Australia has praised the hard work of a firefighter known only as 'Adam', who managed to pull a group of koalas out of the bushfires at Cudlee Creek, near Adelaide, South Australia.

Janelle Michalowski shared a photo of the lucky koalas, writing: "Amazing work by a man named Adam and his mates who pulled these guys out of harm's way at Cudlee Creek and into safety!"

She added: "Koala Rescue are all over it. Well done fellow South Australians. Fantastic job!"

The post soon went viral, having racked up 28,000 shares and 15,000 likes since it was posted.

Facebook/Janelle Michalowski

The Australian bushfires are continuing to ravage various parts of the country, including New South Wales, which has been almost completely burned to the ground, in turn destroying the habitats of many animals.

Koalas are among the most heavily affected species, with Port Macquarie Koala Hospital writing on Instagram: "After searching for a month through burnt koala habitat in different regions, the devastation that everyone is talking about really rings true.

"The amount of habitat and biodiversity displaced and lost in these fire events is staggering. Please support your local wildlife by placing fresh water out for them, retaining their trees and other habitat, watching out for them on the roads and protecting them from your pets."

According to the BBC, fires in New South Wales have burned through at least 2.7m hectares (7.4m acres) this season, in turn destroying more than 700 houses.

Eight people have also died, including two volunteer firefighters, whose vehicle was tragically struck by a tree.

Paying tribute to the two men - who have been named as Deputy Captain Geoffrey Keaton and Firefighter Andrew O'Dwyer - Prime Minister Scott Morrison said their efforts will never be forgotten.

Morrison said: "They were bravely defending their communities with an unmatched spirit and a dedication that will forever set them apart amongst our most courageous Australians.

"Their sacrifice and service saving lives and saving properties will be forever remembered. I wish those injured all the best in their recovery."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Janelle Michalowski

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