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Giant Rabbit Has Its Own Bedroom And Is Pursuing Modelling Career

Giant Rabbit Has Its Own Bedroom And Is Pursuing Modelling Career

Jester weighs 20lbs and is so well-trained that he even wipes his paws before coming in from the garden

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A rabbit is so big that it has its own bedroom and is now pursuing a career in modelling.

Lyn Hobson, from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, says her bunny Jester, who weighs 20lbs, is like a child to her and is 'spoiled rotten' - enjoying the comfort of three beds dotted around her house.

The proud owner has also created a social media channel for her her 18-month-old rabbit, where she posts candid snaps of him.

It's led to him modelling for the front cover of an educational title and as the lead character in a children's book.

But Lyn is hoping this is just the start and has signed Jester up to a website that could see him get more work.

The 60-year-old said: "He's unexpectedly a bit of a celebrity in the rabbit world after all this.

"Hopefully he can do a bit more modelling work next year, especially around Easter, that could be quite busy I think."

Jester is now pursuing a career in modelling.

Mum-of-one Lyn, who lives with husband and ex-serviceman Peter, bought the bunny at just a few weeks old on 1 April 2019, which is why he's called Jester.

And Lyn says she he's the best.

"Jester is the best pet anyone could wish for," says the retired chef.

"His character is absolutely lovely, he's very loving, calm and well-behaved. I love him so much and so spoil him rotten, he's like a child to me really.

"Everything that I do he follows me along, whether it's watching television or doing the washing up.

"He's very sociable."

The big fella even has his own bedroom.

And while most rabbits are kept in a hutch, Jester is allowed to roam the house and, Lyn says, is so well trained that he wipes his paws when he comes in from the garden.

Lyn, who also owns three chihuahuas, said: "People think having a Continental Giant for a pet is a bit funny because not many people have them I suppose.

"When people see him they always comment on how big he is.

"Everyone who meets him falls in love, he's just one of those pets that people are drawn towards."

The Continental Giant, also known as the German Giant, is one o the largest breeds of rabbit and was originally bred for meat.

The longest on record is 4ft 4ins long and the heaviest weighs an incredible 53lbs - so Jester has a little way to go yet.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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