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Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo

Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo

The wolf fell into the water at the Dierenrijk Zoo in the Netherlands

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Of course, we all know that it is a cruel world out there. That said, we humans actually have it pretty easy. Think about the animal kingdom, those guys have really got it tough.

It's not just wild animals too. Captive animals don't always lose their instincts, as one group of shocked zoo visitors found out recently.

Here's what happened. A wolf was innocently playing with the rest of the pack at the Dierenrijk Zoo in the Netherlands. It managed somehow to fall into the water, and then was torn limb from limb by a group of angry bears.


Whilst horrified visitors looked on, the wolf pack tried to defend their fallen friend from the attacks, but it was not enough, and it was completely destroyed.

Sounds brutal enough, right? Well, don't worry about that because there were humans there watching so you know someone filmed that shit.

I know what you're thinking. It really is a bear eat wolf world out there, even in the (relatively) safe confines of the zoo.

The masters of understatement that run the zoo have been reported as describing the whole terrifying affair as an 'incredibly unfortunate' incident.


The zoo keepers, for their part, were completely powerless to help the two year old wolf. Just think about it, how much would someone have to be paying you to jump in the middle of one group of animals that would love nothing more than to eat you to save another animal that probably harbours similar intentions?

It's a lot, isn't it?

So, why were these two species kept together? Well, it had been hoped that they would end up being OK with one another, even playing with one another. That ended up being - sort of - half right, I guess?

I suppose they would occupy similar habitat in the wild, so it's not completely out of the question.

They had apparently lived 'in harmony' for many years until this 'one-off incident'.


Obviously, it is better for species not to be kept completely isolated and have other animals to mingle with, just not on this occasion for this specific wolf.

Despite one of the wolves being killed, it was a vital chance for the visitors and the staff to see nature in true form, as well as the wolves trying to rescue another for the good of their pack.

If there were any kids there, it will have taught them a valuable lesson - if they could look out from behind their hands, that is.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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