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Humungous Spider Filmed On Wall Of House In Tobago

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Humungous Spider Filmed On Wall Of House In Tobago

A spider that is absolutely horrendously large has been filmed crawling on a wall in Tobago. Honest to God, if you're an arachnophobe, you'd be better off not watching this one.


However, if you don't mind spiders that much, get ready to reassess that belief, because - if it's real - this is really another level.

Seriously, LOOK AT IT.


The thing looks like it would kick you out of your own house.

If you tried to move that with a pint glass and a sheet of paper, you'd better get ready to get glassed.

It was shared on TikTok by user @noobmanbanton, who simply captioned it: "Big [spider emoji] in Tobago."

Yeah, you're not kidding mate.


The video was shared a couple of days ago, and it's been liked 29,000 times, with around 4,500 people chiming in to offer their thoughts on it.

It's no spoiler to tell you that most of them are absolutely horrified.

Credit: TikTok/@noobmanbanton
Credit: TikTok/@noobmanbanton

One person simply wrote the entire Lord's Prayer in response to the video, whereas another said: "THROW THE WHOLE ISLAND AWAY."


However, there is one bold spider enthusiast who seems to have some wisdom to impart as to what exactly this thing actually is.

They wrote: "Psalmopoeus cambridgei, the Trinidad chevron tarantula, is very common to come out of rainy season, and yes it gets larger than that.

They added: "Ur [sic] welcome."

Oh, thanks a million mate, it's great to be able to name archetypally terrifying creatures that you encounter on the internet.


As it happens though, a quick search reveals that they might be right. It certainly looks to be the case, anyway.

In the video, you can hear a woman saying: "You have to go back out of the window, or you'll be trapped inside again."

Back in the TikTok comments, someone else commented: "You have to go back out of the window, or you'll be trapped inside again."

Credit: TikTok/@noobmanbanton
Credit: TikTok/@noobmanbanton

Yep, that's a fair response.

Another comment read: "No, it's a devil. Call a priest and a minister."

Just leave forever, burn the house to the ground, then move to Antarctica, where creatures like that can't survive.

Sure, there's polar bears, killer whales, and Greenland sharks, but they are all nothing compared to this vast beast.

Perhaps this is an overreaction, but then again, spiders are really gross.

You can all just rock me to sleep tonight.

Absolute nightmare fuel.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@noobmanbanton

Topics: Spider, Weird, Animals

Tom Wood
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