Thousands Of Sharks Have Migrated To The Florida Coast

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Thousands Of Sharks Have Migrated To The Florida Coast

Whether it's loan sharks, cinema sharks or real sharks, the finny creatures we know and fear from the sea (and offices, and Jaws) are the stuff of nightmares.

However, they're also pretty cool, especially when they're finning about the place in large, terrifying numbers.

Check out this stunning drone footage which shows thousands of blacktip sharks in Florida during their annual migration, when they travel between California and Florida, uniting West and East coast America in a manner hip-hop can only dream of.


Blacktip sharks are not known to be overly aggressive, but they are nonetheless powerful beasts, as this photo of a fishing hook shows:

The animals are popular game fish in Florida, the Caribbean and South Africa, though they are usually meant to be released (alive) after being caught.

Another drone video by BlacktipH, a YouTube fishing channel, shows over 10,000 on the march (well... they're swimming) in the clear blue waters off the Florida coast.


That's a heck of a lot of sharks you wouldn't want to find yourself in troubled waters with.

Although they might look fearsome (I for one would shit myself if I saw one), blacktips are known to be curious around divers and don't generally pose much of a threat.



They rarely harm humans, only doing so in the presence of food, and even then injuries are usually mild.

Like chip shop fans and kittens, blacktips eat a heck of a lot of fish, including mackerel, anchovies, sardines and porcupinefish. Ouch. Sounds spiky.

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