It's So Hot In Australia That Animals Are Literally Dropping Dead From Exhaustion

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It's So Hot In Australia That Animals Are Literally Dropping Dead From Exhaustion

There's no denying that the past few days have been b****y hot in Australia and it's certainly been taking its toll on everyone.

Some people have confined themselves to the lounge room with the A/C cranked up to maximum to escape the heat, while others have chucked themselves in a pool or headed to the beach to cool down.

Sadly, some animals out there don't have that luxury and have been really struggling as the mercury reaches nearly 50C degrees in some parts of the country. People have posted photos to social media showing birds that have literally fallen out of the sky from heat exhaustion.


Some have survived and others have not.

Farmer Bill Wallace posted photos to Twitter showing a pair of cockatoos who succumbed to the conditions.

He added: "The thermometer under the back verandah got to 48.9C today, not an official reading obviously, but it was enough to kill these sulphur crested cockatoos. I would like to hang them around [PM Scott] Morrison's neck, as well as a few of his mates. How good is wildlife dying of heat stress?"

Another user uploaded a snap of a tawny frogmouth 'dead on a footpath' in Sydney, which had 'no sign of injury from predators' and added that it 'looks like it just fell dead out of the tree'.


Native Wildlife Rescue revealed their team have been rescuing hundreds of flying foxes who aren't coping well with the heat.

The organisation wrote on Facebook: "Flowing in from yesterday's record heat and very limited food supply the Grey Headed Flying Foxes taking it extremely tough.

"One of many colonies affected is the one in the Kangaroo Valley were in conjunction with other vaccinated members of the Shoalhaven Bat Clinic (also authorised through Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc) we rescued approximately 100+ dependant babies today.


"This was followed by the 140+ rescues from the day before. Devastatingly, for many Flying Fox mothers and their babies help came too late."

Conditions have been unimaginable for loads of species across Australia, with some dying from the heat and others being incinerated by bushfires.

Featured Image Credit: Bill Wallace/Twitter

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