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Owner In Stitches As Dog Steals Her Mum's Old Dentures

Owner In Stitches As Dog Steals Her Mum's Old Dentures

Let's put a smile on that face.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A dog owner has been left in fits of laughter after discovering her pooch had managed to find her mum's old dentures.

Dogs are known for being a little curious when they're left to their own devices but they aren't usually this cunning.

Stacie Owen left her Jackapoo, Milo, in a room one day and walked in to discover that it had managed to open a drawer and fish out whatever it could get its teeth on.

Unfortunately for the Welsh woman, the closest thing was her mum's old teeth.

"I wondered why he went quiet and found him in the bedroom with my mum's old dentures," she said. "He likes to hold things in his mouth, he feels very proud when he has something. Whenever we go on a walk he will always bring something home."

Instagram/@miloandhismohawk via Storyful

When Stacie, from Llandudno, Wales, saw what was happening, she grabbed her phone and started recording because, let's be honest, it's hilarious. You can hear the dog owner struggle to contain her laughter as she watches her dog have no clue why it's so funny.

But Milo isn't the only pooch to get their paws onto some dentures.

Ben Campbell couldn't stop laughing when he checked in on his dog Thomas and saw the Yorkshire Terrier sporting a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary look.

Speaking to LADbible, Ben said: "I bought some amazing fake teeth on Etsy to make myself laugh while at home in Quarantine.

"I planned on making some wacky videos of myself with big teeth. Thomas, my six-pound teacup Yorkie, got hold of them and as I chased him down to retrieve them, he had them locked in his mouth in the PERFECT position.

Campbell was amused with the hilarious look and decided to take a video of Thomas and his new teeth. He can be heard saying on the footage: "Thomas, what are you doing? Thomas? Buddy what are you doing?"

After posting the video onto YouTube and Facebook, he was hit with loads of comments and even more views.

One viewer wrote: "This made me a better person, pure gold! Thomas is hilarious and your laugh had me crack up."

Another added: "I just woke up my entire house laughing harder than I have ever. This was so unexpected it laughed me out of bed. My wife and kids are so mad none of them will watch it and I still can't stop."

A third said: "Oh my god!! I'm finally gonna get those quarantine abs just from laughing at this!"

Note to self: don't let Baxter near any drawers in case he finds some other things.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@miloandhismohawk via Storyful

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