Lions Sunbathe On Road In National Park Due To Lack Of Tourists

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Lions Sunbathe On Road In National Park Due To Lack Of Tourists

Restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic has led to pictures emerging of wild animals doing unusual things because of the lack of human interference.

Take these lions in South Africa's Kruger National Park as an example, who decided the road would be the perfect place to have a nap in the afternoon sun.

Normally, this road is a hotbed for vehicles and lying down for any length of time could cause a nasty accident.


But with no tourists for the foreseeable future, these majestic animals could lie about in peace.

Kruger National Park spokesperson Isaac Phaahla told CBS News: "They are nocturnal animals and it is not unusual for them to sleep during the day, what is unusual is the utilisation of the tarred road because normally if there is traffic, they would not be using the tarred road."

Photos of the dozing animals were uploaded by the Park's social media team after being snapped by Section Ranger Richard Sowry.


Richard told BBC News that he was desperate to get closer to the lions however knew they would scamper off if they saw him approaching.

"Lions are used to people in vehicles," he said. "All animals have much more of an instinctive fear of people on foot, so if I had walked up they would never have allowed me to get so close."

It's similar to the scenes that played out in Thailand when a herd of 50 elephants calmly crossed the road.

The elephants emerged from the jungle to pass the highway in Chachoengsao province on 9 April.



Several police officers arrived to ensure the elephants made it safely to the neighbouring area of the jungle, with locals seen gathering on either side of the road to watch the beasts calmly make their way through.

Wildlife rangers had been tracking the family of elephants as they moved through the wilderness during the day, prompting them to block off the road so as to prevent any accidents or blockages.

Thankfully there wasn't a torrent of cars and other vehicles hurtling down the roadway, otherwise the elephants' journey would have been nearly impossible.


Pratya Chutipat Sakul, who filmed the incredible clip, said: ''More than 50 wild elephants crossed the highway. They were moving together from one part of the jungle to the other.

''Policemen arrived to ensure that the elephants crossed smoothly and there were no accidents. Nobody minds waiting for the elephants, as the most important thing is that they're safe."

Featured Image Credit: Richard Sowry/Kruger National Park Twitter

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