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Man Discovers Dozens Of Dead Cockroaches In A Landline

Man Discovers Dozens Of Dead Cockroaches In A Landline

It may put you off from picking up the phone again

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

If you still have a landline you might want to check twice before you pick it up after seeing this video:

One man in Australia went to open the casing of a wall-connected landline, but when he opened it, innocently expecting to see wires and cables, he instead saw dozens of cockroaches.

The creepy critters had set up home under the plastic casing of the phone and died, as it turns out.

Yep, the guy was in the Sydney home simply doing his job, checking the wiring an came across dozens of dead cockroaches - not ideal.

He decided to share his horrific findings on Facebook, alongside the video he commented: "I took this video while at work at a property in Sydney and thought maybe I should see what's in there as it looked dirty and was not working."

Roach Infested Phone.

It may not be funny on first look, but many people found some comedy in the situation as one person joked: "I think your phone has been bugged."

Another commented: "What's the matter... bugs got your tongue?"

A third person said it exactly as is it with the simple comment: "That's disgusting."

And another person added: "At least they're dead."

We have to agree there, imagine coming across dozens of living, breathing cockroaches who decided to make some Aussie's phone their home?

I'm sure he'd have rather legged it than filmed it.

This isn't the only time people have come across some curious creatures lurking in the walls and ceilings of their Australian homes.

Footage emerged early last year showing a python trying to scale the side of a house in Australia.

Robbie Knill

A three-metre-long snake slithered across Robbie Knill's garden, before it casually crossed the patio and began to bizarrely slither up the wall right above the door he had JUST walked out of.

In this case, the large snake had been living in the shed out the back of Robbie's house for a while, occasionally coming out to bid him a fond 'hello'.

Definitely not the animal you'd like to get to drop in unexpectedly for a swift 'hello'.

Robbie said he was initially a bit creeped out by the situation, but now he knows the snake is chill.

Only in Australia though, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Viralhog

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