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Man Films Exact Moment A Bird Flies Out Of Pipe Towards Him

Man Films Exact Moment A Bird Flies Out Of Pipe Towards Him

Jonny was out on his BMX bike in Syracuse, New York, when he spotted a bird fly into a hole in an adjacent wall

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A man managed to capture the exact moment a bird flew out of a pipe, startling him as it suddenly zoomed towards his camera.

Jonny was out on his BMX bike in Syracuse, New York, when he spotted a bird flying into a hole in an adjacent wall, which looked like one of two pipes going into the side of abuilding.

Curious to find out where the bird went, he moved closer with his camera and angled it towards the pipe.

But the mystery of where the little creature had got to was solved almost as instantly as it was raised - as it suddenly lunged out from the pipe and flew towards Jonny.

Viral Hog

A startled Jonny can be heard in the video laughing in disbelief, exclaiming: "Oh f***! Holy s***! Oh my God, oh my God!"

Jonny said: "I happened to see a bird fly right into the pipe on the side of a building and when I went to go investigate, it popped out and startled me."

The video, which was filmed on 26 September, suggests that the bird may have been nesting inside the building's fire department connection pipe.

Viral Hog

Also known as the Siamese connection, the pipe is connected to a building's automatic fire sprinkler system, which can be used by firefighters during a fire.

After the fire department's hose is connected, it can then pump water through the sprinkler system to help put out a blaze.

Recently another bird went viral - this time having been filmed singing along to a Beyoncé hit.

Chico, a nine-year-old yellow-crowned amazon parrot, has constantly been breaking into song since he arrived at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park 18 months ago, with footage recently shared online showing his pitch-perfect rendition of Beyoncé's 2008 song 'If I Were A Boy'.

And he's not just restricted to Beyoncé's back catalogue, as Chico is also known to mimic other pop tracks such as 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga, 'Firework' by Katy Perry and 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park CEO Steve Nichols said people absolutely love Chico, adding: "After more than 25 years working with these amazing birds, they still never cease to amaze me.

"Who'd have ever thought that a parrot would cause social distancing problems due to being so popular?"

Regular visitor Graham Gardner, from Boston, also said Chico is a brilliant singer and could give some pop stars a run for their money.

"He's actually got a very good voice," he said.

"Maybe Simon Cowell might get in touch, you never know."

Featured Image Credit: ViralHog

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