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​Man Gets Bitten On Face By Snake As He Opens Best Friend’s Front Door

​Man Gets Bitten On Face By Snake As He Opens Best Friend’s Front Door

The snake leapt down from its hiding place and onto poor Jerel Heywood's face

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A man had the shock of his life when he rocked up at his best friend's house and was bitten right in the mug by a snake as he opened the front door - not the most pleasant of greetings, is it?

Normally, when you go over to your best mate's house, things are fairly uneventful. You simply show up in your trackies and clamber onto their sofa, before spending the night binging on Netflix together or playing video games. Sometimes you might even push the boat out and order in a pizza or crack open a few beers, but choosing whether to have potato wedges or chicken strippers to go on the side (both, always both) is usually about as much drama as you'll get.

Not for poor Jerel Heywood, whose day took a strange turn when he visited his childhood pal Rodney Copeland on 5 May.

That's because when Jerel arrived at Rodney's gaff in Lawton, Oklahoma, he was greeted not by his old friend, but by a snake.

Opening up the outer screen on the door, the snake leapt down from its hiding place and onto the 51-year-old's face, clamping its teeth into the skin around his upper left eye.

Jerel got bitten in the face by the snake.

After stumbling through the front door, Jerel was taken straight to hospital by Rodney and his wife.

Thankfully, however, they were told the snake was non-venomous.

Rodney's son, Mashawn, said: "We made sure Jerel got to the ER immediately.

"Fortunately, it was a non-venomous bite.

"The snake was wrapped around the porch light fixture, so it blended in.

"They're best friends and hang out daily, but this has never happened before."

While the bite looked painful, thankfully it wasn't venomous.

Jerel shared the shocking clip on his own Facebook page, where friends commented to say they hoped he was okay.

One person said: "I just watched this! didn't know it was you though till i scrolled down a few more post! So Glad you're ok! That is scary!!"

Someone else said: "Jus seen this on the news in Milwaukee. I wouldve passed out lol, glad u ok."

Another wrote: "Jerel, I jumped back the first time watching it. I laughed the other 15 times. I'm glad you're ok."

A fourth added: "Almost happened to me last year! The snake was after the bird eggs in my mailbox!"

Something tells me Jerel's going to be opening doors pretty carefully for a while....

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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