Nine Apes Receive Coronavirus Vaccine At San Diego Zoo

Nine Apes Receive Coronavirus Vaccine At San Diego Zoo

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CCTV Reveals Suspected Bank Robbery Actually Monkey Smashing The ATM

CCTV Reveals Suspected Bank Robbery Actually Monkey Smashing The ATM

Workers at a bank in India thought they'd been robbed when an ATM was ripped off the wall, but upon looking over CCTV footage they saw the 'crime' was carried out by a monkey.

The daring monkey set off numerous alarms after he went in and raided the kiosk at Bank of India.

When shocked staff saw the machine dangling off the wall, they obviously assumed the bank had been the victim of a failed robbery, but when they checked out the CCTV footage they were shocked to see that a monkey had strolled in and pulled it off the wall, leaving its inner workings hanging out.


Then, presumably to show he was just monkeying around, the animal started jumping all over the busted machine.

A source said: "A banker who arrived at the kiosk found it broken and raised an alarm suspecting it to be a case of robbery.

"The CCTV footage was examined later which unearthed the mischief of the primate."

The incident took place yesterday (6 May) in President's Estate in Delhi.


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Bizarrely this isn't the first criminal primate we've seen recently. Just last week a horrific clip was shared online showing a monkey jumping off a bike and dragging a small child along the ground.


Daniel Radcliffe Reveals There Was A Monkey On Harry Potter Set That 'Jerked Off Relentlessly'

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The clip, which was shared on social media, is believed to have been captured in Tanjungsari Village, Indonesia and shows a little monkey on a bike travelling down a narrow street.

It approaches a bench where three kids are sat with an adult, before it makes a grab for one of the youngsters and drags them away.


Fortunately for the kid, a man then runs into the shot and scares off the monkey while the child gets up and runs back to the bench.

Speaking to one eyewitness said the child was left with 'blisters on the forehead' and also 'suffered severe trauma' following the shocking incident.

The witness went on to say that the monkey was 'tortured by the handler', 'beaten' and placed in a box.

No further details have been released about the video yet, but some people have speculated that the monkey may have lashed out due to being mistreated by trainers.

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