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Off Duty Florida Police Officer Saves Young Boy From Shark Attack

Off Duty Florida Police Officer Saves Young Boy From Shark Attack

Adrian Kosicki grabbed the youngster just in the nick of time

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

An off duty police officer risked his own life to save a young boy from a shark attack in Florida.

Adrian Kosicki and his wife were out walking their dog when he spotted the tell-tale fin cutting through the water towards a boy who was boogie boarding near Cocoa Beach, near Cape Canaveral.

With little thought for his own safety, Kosicki threw himself into the Atlantic Ocean in order to rescue the young boy.

Footage shared after the incident by Cocoa Beach Police and Fire really shows the immediate danger that the young boy was in before Kosicki's heroic actions.

In the video, one person can be heard to shout: "Hey buddy! Hey, there's a shark right there."

Another shouted: "There he is!"

Whilst the other bystanders shouted and tried to alert the boy, who was swimming along on a blue boogie board, Kosicki sprang into action and dived in to grab the youngster.

Cocoa Beach Police and Fire

He lunged in and grabbed the kid with just seconds to spare before the shark arrived. The camera panned around to try to capture the shark once again, but there was no trace of it.

The boy was then checked over by some of the witnesses, but was not harmed.

There isn't actually any information about what kind of shark it could have been, but given the nature of the area, there's a long list of possibilities.

Cocoa Beach is known to be home to bull sharks, spinner sharks, blacktip sharks, and small bonnethead sharks.

Still, most sharks would make short work of a small boy.

In a Facebook post, Cocoa Beach Police and Fire said: "We're certainly not marine biologists, educated and trained to differentiate between the various species of sharks, their respective feeding habits, and aggressiveness near swimmers.

Cocoa Beach Police and Fire

"We just do what we do best protect the public from harm. Thanks to Adrian, we'll never know what that shark's intentions were, and that little boy will forever have a pretty cool story to tell."

According to the International Shark Attack File - who would know this sort of thing - Florida leads the entire United States of America in shark attacks, and New Smyrna Beach is thought to be the world capital of attacks.

It's lucky that there was someone on hand who was brave enough to intervene in this situation to stop yet another person being attacked.

Featured Image Credit: Cocoa Beach Police and Fire

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