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Parrot Asks Owner If She Wants A Brew And Puts Kettle On

Parrot Asks Owner If She Wants A Brew And Puts Kettle On

Bertie the parrot will regularly ask owner Mary: “Want a cuppa?”

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A clever parrot has managed to make that childhood banger 'Polly Put The Kettle On' a reality, having learnt how to offer his owner a brew.

Like many of us, 60-year-old Mary Larner is a big fan of a cup of tea. In fact, she drinks so much of the stuff that her three-year-old parrot Bertie has even learnt how to flick the kettle on.

The bird will regularly ask Mary: "Want a cuppa?"

When she replies, Bertie knows to waddle over to the kettle to pop some water on to boil.

Mary with Bertie.
Caters/@Michele Larner

Mary, an office manager from Camden, London, said: "My husband and I are always asking if the other one wants a cuppa.

"We must ask it a bit too much because Bertie has picked up on it.

Bertie the parrot.
Caters/@Michele Larner

"He's managed to connect the phrase and the kettle, which does make us laugh.

"He also loves joining us for a morning cup of tea.

"It's just a pity that he can't pour the water for us too."

Caters/@Michele Larner

Mary bought Bertie three years ago, having wanted to own a talking bird every since she was a child.

She continued: "I grew up around talking birds as my father always kept them, and our whole family have always loved birds.

"One day out the blue after many conversations about owning one we were shopping and came across this African grey who was only 16 weeks and I fell in love.

Caters/@Michele Larner

"My husband bought him for my birthday and I've been besotted by him ever since. He was a slow learner but at 18 months he began showing off and now there's no stopping him!"

Another parrot in California may not be able to make a cup of tea, but has managed to nail mimicking a woman laughing uncontrollably.

Korbell the parrot lives with owner Ed Cordoza, who keeps birds at his sanctuary in San Martin, California.

Ed managed to capture this clip of Korbell in action and posted it on the 'Happy Bird' Facebook page, writing: "I wish she would tell us what the joke was, did you see the feathers on her neck moving when she talked? Parrots speak with their throats, not their mouths or tongues!"

Ed explained: "She laughs when she hears people laugh.

"When she starts laughing, it is contagious, everyone within earshot starts to laugh also."

Featured Image Credit: Caters/@Michele Larner

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