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Police Find Four Puppies Stashed In Fridge By Suspected Dog Traffickers

Police Find Four Puppies Stashed In Fridge By Suspected Dog Traffickers

Several dogs were seized from a three apartments and four women have since been arrested

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Police in Germany have arrested four women after finding four puppies hidden away inside of a fridge.

Several dogs - including the four pups - were seized from three apartments and the women were arrested on suspicion of involvement in illegal dog trafficking.


The dogs were seized by police in Cologne and Dusseldorf yesterday (3 November).

Cops in Cologne were tipped off about illegal pet trafficking and were given information that allegedly vaccinated and chipped young dogs were listed for sale online and launched an investigation.

During the search they found several young French bulldogs, poodle schnauzers, chihuahuas and Maltesers in three separate apartments.

Four of the puppies were found crammed inside an open, switched-off fridge in one of the apartments.

Once the dogs were rescued by cops, they were taken to be checked over by vets.


The dogs have since been taken to animal shelters in Cologne to receive the necessary care.

Police have said four women aged 20, 22, 42 and 61 were arrested and are currently being investigated for illegal dog trafficking.

The Cologne police has since issued a public warning regarding animal gifts for Christmas, they wrote: "The purchase of puppies whose origins cannot be traced and which are offered on the Internet or in markets, parking lots or other places promotes illegal and above all non-animal-friendly trade.

"Animal rights activists point out that the young dogs are often tortured by being given up for adoption before they can eat on their own.


"Please refrain from making such purchases and inquire carefully before purchasing a dog."

Earlier this year, a couple in France were arrested on charges related to trafficking a protected species after they filed a police report claiming the 'Savannah kitten' they bought online was actually a tiger cub.

The unnamed couple, who live in Le Havre, forked out 'several thousand euros' for a Savannah cat after spotting an advert online, but said they became suspicious of their new 'pet' and got police involved.

The incident started after the couple made agreed to buy the 'kitten' for €6,000 (£5,484) from an online seller.

But when the seller turned up, they were carrying a three-month old Indonesia tiger, something which supposedly went unnoticed by the buyers.

Despite looking markedly different, the couple told police they were unaware they had been given a tiger cub for a few days and once they suspected something was wrong, they called the cops who then launched an investigation.

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