RSPCA Issue Further Warnings For Pet Owners During The Heatwave

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RSPCA Issue Further Warnings For Pet Owners During The Heatwave

We've all been enjoying the heatwave that has swept over the UK in the last few months and made this just about the best summer that anyone can remember.

While we're having a great time on the beach, in the park, packing out beer gardens and having so many BBQs that the great halloumi shortage of 2018 continues to be a thing, spare a thought for those among us who can't take off their winter jackets.

That's right: the animals.


The summer heatwave is superb for us humans, especially us British humans who takes their tops off at the mere sight of the sun, but for our furry friends, times like these are a real struggle.

That's why experts are sending out warnings to pet owners and animal lovers all over the country to keep an eye out for the welfare of cats, dogs and other creatures.


These warnings have been taken into a particularly dark place after the death of a dog in Altrincham that had otherwise been totally well.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: "This morning we have been informed that yesterday a local dog died of heat stroke after being taken on a walk at 9am when the temperature was 21 degrees.

"The dog was five-years-old and otherwise fit and healthy.

"Despite lots of warnings about the heat we still see dogs being walked to the shops, on the school run, or as soon as owners get in from work.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"We do understand the crucial nature of walking your dog, however please bear in mind that walking in high temperatures can cause serious and irreversible damage, and in some cases death.


"Yesterday, the high for the day was at 4pm but this is when most of the dogs we spotted were out and about.

"It doesn't matter if your dog is white, young, not a bull breed or 'used to the heat'. Please be mindful of their needs.
In the meantime, please look out for signs of heat stroke."

The RSCPA reported 729 calls in the last week, the majority of which pertained to dogs in hot cars. They are encouraging people to call 999 when they see animals in hot cars, as the time it takes for their health to deteriorate is very short.

With temperature records set to be broken in the coming days, we all need to consider just how warm it can be, and just how uncomfortable that can become for animals.

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