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Terminally Ill Dog Sworn Into Police Force As Honorary K-9 Officer

Terminally Ill Dog Sworn Into Police Force As Honorary K-9 Officer

Eddie won't be patrolling the streets for long, but he's earned his badge.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A terminally ill pit bull has been granted his final wish (we're assuming this was his last desire) by becoming a police dog for a day.

But the road to this momentous day hasn't been easy for poor Eddie.

In October last year, a man in Benton City, Washington, noticed the abandoned dog walking around the city. He wanted to help the canine but it was harder to rescue the dog than previously thought. It took a whole month to get him into care.

It was here that vets realised the eight-year-old pit bull had been hit by a car and was still recovering from his injuries.


But when specialists looked a little deeper into Eddie's health, they made the heartbreaking discovery that he was carrying an inoperable tumour.

Eddie was given six to 12 months left on this earth.

Despite his dire prognosis, he was still able to have a calm and peaceful future. The animal control centre that first took him in linked up with non-profit organisation 'Mikey's Chance K9 Rescue', who gave Eddie to a foster carer named Kristi Kesler.

Her job was to make sure that Eddie could live out the rest of his days a happy doggo.


Kristi created a bucket list for the pit bull and one of those things was joining a police force and becoming an honorary K-9 officer.

She reached out to Pasco Police Chief Ken Roske, who couldn't say no to Eddie's adorable eyes.

So, Eddie was brought into the police station, where he got to meet loads of officers and get lots of pats, before being awarded a badge (and thankfully not a weapon).

Pasco Police Department

Communications programme manager Jon Funfar said: "Eddie has been assigned to community outreaches. Eddie will be in uniform on these days and will be ready to show all prospective rescue dog moms and dads that all dogs are worth adopting.

"Eddie couldn't be more happy, his tail wags non-stop. He is grateful to not only have been given a second chance at life, he also has fulfilled his dream as an ambassador for the pit bull bread."

Okay, you'll have to excuse me because I have something in my eye.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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