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Three Dogs Die After Being Left In Hot Car During Heatwave

Three Dogs Die After Being Left In Hot Car During Heatwave

One of the dogs was just four months old

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

You would think everyone in the world would know by 2019 that you shouldn't leave dogs in hot cars, never mind dog owners. Yet, every year, defenceless pooches perish after being trapped in hot cars by their negligent owners.

Just yesterday (Sunday), three dogs were left to die in a car in the USA amid scorching heatwave temperatures.

One of the dogs was a Keeshond which, as you can see, are not designed for the heat.

Police in Jamestown, Rhode Island, responded to reports of the dogs being found unresponsive in a car outside a grocery store at around 4pm.

The dogs were a grey Keeshond, a four-year-old black Labrador and a seven-month-old black Labrador.

Police said they were taken to an animal hospital but couldn't be revived. The force said they had been left in the vehicle for 'an extended period of time' with the windows rolled up, while the air conditioning didn't seem to be working - though it is unclear whether or not it malfunctioned.

The dogs' owner, 65-year-old Ann Garnett from Jamestown, has been charged with three counts of unnecessary cruelty to an animal and three counts of confinement of an animal in a motor vehicle.

Unnecessary animal cruelty is a felony charge that carries a potential penalty of five years in prison and a $1,000 (£801) fine for each count, while confinement is a misdemeanour, according to NBC Boston.

Police chief, Edward Mello, said the owner's decision to leave the dogs in the car for an extended period of time was 'clearly unacceptable'.

According to ABC15, he said: "The Jamestown Fire Department removed those dogs from the vehicle. They attempted to resuscitate them.

"[The dogs] were transported to the Newport Animal Hospital and a short time later they were determined to be deceased.

"I think any temperature, regardless of whether the air conditioner was on, the windows were down, to be in a vehicle for that extended period of time is clearly unacceptable."

It is vital that people don't leave their dogs in the car during periods of hot weather.

Temperatures in Jamestown on Sunday reached a peak of 35C, though it felt as high as 43C.

Meanwhile, in the UK, temperatures could reach 37C this week. So people - PLEASE DON'T LEAVE YOUR DOG IN THE CAR.

You may not want to leave the window down to stop them getting out, but you can't just leave the air con on, because it could break and the consequences could be tragic.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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