Vegan Activist Calls Fish Eaters 'Animal Abusers' In Seafood Restaurant Rant

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Vegan Activist Calls Fish Eaters 'Animal Abusers' In Seafood Restaurant Rant

A vegan activist branded diners 'animal abusers' during a protest at a seafood restaurant. Watch footage of the incident in the clip below:


Tash Peterson, a popular animal rights protestor on social media, went down to the Bathers Beach House restaurant in Fremantle, Australia, last night (2 May) with a group of campaigners.

In a video posted to her Instagram account, she and others can be seen entering the establishment, where they start to berate customers for eating meat.


During her tirade, Peterson claims the fishing industry kills billions of animals every years, branding it the 'largest Holocaust in history'.

After leaving the restaurant, Peterson continues to shout at diners, calling them 'animal abusers'.

She and her team can then be heard chanting: "Fish want to live, fish feel pain, just like us!"

The activists carried placards urging diners to watch Netflix's fishing industry documentary Seaspiracy.


The footage was posted along with a caption that claimed those who didn't speak up and continued to eat meat were contributing to this 'Holocaust'.



"This is an emergency! The ocean is currently under threat - our planet is dying.


"Right now, in this moment, there are billions of fish, dolphins, whales and other marine animals being ripped from the ocean, in massive trawler nets and they are suffocating to death! This is the largest holocaust in history.

"2.7 trillion fish are brutally murdered each year for human consumption, along with millions of other marine animals who are being murdered by this evil industry.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

"The stress that fish experience when they are pulled from the water into an environment in which they cannot breathe is exactly the same as a person drowning. Fish are sentient beings who feel pain and they deserve to live.


"If you are not vegan, you are contributing to a holocaust!"

The footage has really struck a chord with people on both sides of the argument.

There were plenty of people who praised Peterson for going down to the restaurant to share her anger.

One user said: "You are so inspirational and so many people are going vegan because of your powerful activism. No animal should be stolen from the ocean and butchered. Sea life belong in the sea not on our plates."


A second chimed in: "BEAUTIFUL BRAVE INSPIRATIONAL as always."

Though some pointed out that such an aggressive approach may not be the best way of getting people who eat meat to change their ways.

One more sceptical commentor wrote: "Whilst I agree Seaspiracy is disturbing, you have no right to disturb a restaurant like this. You caused unnecessary stress to many people."

While another added: "I am vegan too but watching ur video it seems like YOU JUST WANT ATTENTION rather than explaining or spreading awareness in people."

LADbible has contacted Netflix for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@vganbooty

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