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Vegan Couple Banned From Owning Pets After Feeding Them Rice And Chickpeas

Vegan Couple Banned From Owning Pets After Feeding Them Rice And Chickpeas

The puppies were found emaciated and malnourished

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A vegan couple have been banned from owning pets after RSPCA inspectors who found their two puppies had been fed a vegan diet.

James McKenzie and Megan Price, from Queensland, Australia, were charged with two counts of failing to treat an animal and one of failing to comply with an animal welfare direction (AWD) after leaving their dogs in ill health.

The offences took place between April and May 2020, with their bull-arab-cross puppies Roo and Ula seized in May last year.

Inspectors found that the animals had been fed chickpeas, rice and quinoa, according to ABC Australia.

Mr McKenzie is reported to have told them: "You eat murdered animals, you will never be like us - we are vegans and love animals."


They discovered Roo was underweight and struggling to walk, which the couple said was due to an injury sustained after jumping off the couch. The couple gave the dog a homemade cast because they said they couldn't afford to go to the vet.

They were told to take the dog to a vet immediately and several days later they came to check on the dogs to see if their conditions had improved.

They told the RSPCA that the animals were 'not with us anymore' and had 'gone to God'. However, RSPCA inspectors quickly learned Roo and Ula were back at the property.

When the RSPCA executed a search warrant at the Cow Bay home, they couldn't find any animal food and instead discovered human vegan food.

When they were taken to vet Dr Paul Matthews, it was discovered that the food they had been eating for the three months previous had caused a severe nutritional imbalance. Both puppies also had calcium deficiencies.

Ula, who has been renamed and rehomed.

When RSPCA inspectors first went to the home, they noticed that the dogs were underweight. Roo had blisters on his stomach because the couple had treated an injured leg with a homemade cast.

Ula was rehomed after he had emergency treatment, but Roo needed to be put down after three different vets were concerned about his chronic pain.

Ms Price told the inspector that she had been making her own dog food, but wouldn't say what it was she used in it.

The owners were banned from owning pets for three years and ordered to pay $8,600 in fines, vets bills and legal costs.

Featured Image Credit: RSPCA

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