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Wasp Beheads Cockroach On Dining Table Before Flying Off With Its Head

Wasp Beheads Cockroach On Dining Table Before Flying Off With Its Head

*WARNING - Do not watch this video if you don't like seeing insects mutilating each other - or do if you're curious and can't resist*

Ever seen a wasp behead a cockroach? If the answer is no - would you like to? If the answer is yes - how on earth is that the case? ... And would you like to see it happen again?

This particular beheading took place in Konstanz, Germany, and was filmed by 20-year-old student, Cyrill Fomm, who returned to his flat to find the gruesome scene unfolding on his kitchen table... which makes you wonder about the state of his flat as a whole. Students, eh?


As the video starts, the pair are already locked in intense battle. I say 'battle', but it seems more like the wasp has assaulted the cockroach. Either way, the wasp is 'winning', as it were, perched on top of the flailing cockroach, which is trapped on its back and has already lost a few legs.

The wasp then gnaws through what's left of one of the cockroach's front legs, while the two remaining limbs writhe desperately, spinning the pair around in a circle.

The wasp chewed off the cockroach's legs. Credit: Viral Press
The wasp chewed off the cockroach's legs. Credit: Viral Press

The wasp then sets about the underside of the cockroach's chin (if cockroaches have chins) and its fight steadily lessens.


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At this point, Cyrill deems it necessary to zoom, making it much easier to see just how wet and wriggly and disgusting the scene unfolding on his kitchen table really is.


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By 1 min 15 secs, the beheading is complete, and it's really fucking grim - which I guess is an intrinsic quality of any beheading.

With the head in its clutches, the wasp gyrates frantically, in what I interpret to be a sadistic fit of pleasure. Meanwhile, the headless cockroach continues to twitch its legs, even spinning around in a circle, which even in the context of this video is really disgusting.


Satisfied with its scalp (ba dum tish), the wasp then flies off with the head, vicious and revolting mutilation complete.

Now, we know that creatures great and small play a vital role in our ecosystems and food chains and the world as a whole and blah blah blah, but come on, wasps are bastards. They can even inject venom from their stingers after they've died... the absolute bastards.

Indeed, a cockroach can survive nuclear explosions, but not the assault of a head-thirsty bastard wasp. That's how horrible the bastards are.

If you've made it this far, may I recommend you give hornets shagging a watch? It's much more enjoyable.

Featured Image Credit: Viral Press

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