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Woman Wakes Up After Night Out To Find Stranger's Dog In Her Bed

Woman Wakes Up After Night Out To Find Stranger's Dog In Her Bed

She was ‘petrified’ to roll over to find a large husky-type dog staring at her

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A woman was shocked to wake up after a night out to find a stranger's huge dog lying in her bed - with no idea whose it was or why it was there.

Mia Flynn, 28, woke up on Monday morning (17 May) after enjoying a few bottles of wine at a friend's house the night before.

She was 'petrified' to roll over to find a large husky-type dog staring at her - and with her memory a little hazy from all the booze, had no idea why it was there.

Flynn soon pieced together what happened using footage on her phone from the night before, when she ingeniously documented finding a 'wolf' following her home in the dark.

One video shows the pooch wandering around Flynn's kitchen, as she says: "Of all the things I've come home with on a night out. What the f*** is that? He followed me home."

Kennedy News and Media

Mia, from Rhyl, Wales, explained: "I went to my friend's help to her do a bit of DIY and painting... Then we decided that three bottles of wine was a good idea.

"I was a little shocked when I woke up hungover, to a dog staring at me.

"I was petrified he was going to attack me - I find dogs cute but they're also a bit scary. Especially a b****y big one like that."

Despite being inebriated, Flynn was clever enough to record her unusual encounter with the dog - who she dubbed Toby - as it followed her home.

However, she had no recollection of coming in at 2.30am with her 'new mate' and telling her 'fuming' mum all about it.

Flynn continued: "I documented the whole thing on my Snapchat, and that's how I pieced together the story the next morning.

Kennedy News and Media

"So I was walking home from her house after midnight, when the dog started following me. He was just wandering the street - [I later found out] it was the street he lived on, so I assume he'd just gotten out.

"My mum was fuming. She was in bed when I apparently came in at 2.30am and told her 'I've got a new mate.'

"She wasn't pleased, even though she was fine the next morning.

"This definitely isn't out of character for me - everyone knows I go a bit mad after a drink. But I've never brought an animal home."

Once Flynn worked out what had happened, she shared a picture of the dog on Facebook to find out how to reunite it with its owner.

Kennedy News and Media

She said: "I knew everyone would find it funny as I had so many messages on Snapchat when I woke up that morning.

"But I put it on Facebook to try and find the owner. The poor dog in a stranger's house probably just wanted to go home.

"A girl I have on Snapchat recognised the dog and got in touch with the owner for me.

"The owner said all the tears over losing him were worth it, when she added me on Snapchat to see my story. She found it hilarious.

"She was grateful he had a sleepover at my house."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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