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Asda Shopper Left Disappointed After Accidentally Buying Tiny Mince Pies

Asda Shopper Left Disappointed After Accidentally Buying Tiny Mince Pies

He opened up his mince pies to discover they were a lot smaller than the packaging

A bloke was left feeling pretty disappointed after opening up his Asda mince pies only to discover they were a lot smaller than the packaging. That’s not very Christmassy, is it?

Liam Smith visited Asda’s Reddish store where he picked up a pack of four 'Baker's Selection’ mince pies for a family get-together he was going to. 

However, he was left unimpressed when he got home and saw that the actual pies were much smaller than the plastic packaging they came in. 

MEN Media

As well as being disappointed by his mini mince pie, Liam also thinks the larger than necessary packaging is a waste of plastic. 

Posting a photo of the pies on Twitter, he wrote: "Don't know why I still visit Asda.

"Here thinking I was getting some deep filled mince pie.

“Not only poor quality but packaging waste of plastic."

In a follow up tweet, he wrote: "Boris Johnson hasn't ruined Christmas this time it was Asda and their half a mince pie."

After spotting his tweet, rival supermarket Sainsbury’s got in touch offering to help out. 

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, he said: "I was amazed how small they were and how poor they were.

"The mince pie was one third the size of the packaging.

MEN Media

"As we're all trying to reduce our plastic usage this just seems unnecessary and a waste of plastic."

He added: "It's amazing that Sainsbury's have been in touch. I've had no response from Asda at all."

According to the Manchester Evening News, the pies were placed into the wrong packaging.

The supermarket giant recently announced it had chartered its own cargo ship to ensure that its supply of festive goodies were not impacted by the ongoing global supply chain crisis. 


Asda told Sky News it had increased the amount of turkeys and pigs in blankets available in stores compared to last year, while its depots were busy finding extra room for stores of mince pies, Christmas puddings and confectionery. 

Asda said it was ‘successfully navigating the industry-wide supply chain challenges’ while taking steps ‘to help ensure its shelves are stocked with everything shoppers need for Christmas’.

LADbible has contacted Asda for comment.

Featured Image Credit: MEN Media

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