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Burger King To Introduce 'Donut Whopper' This Christmas

Burger King To Introduce 'Donut Whopper' This Christmas

Mazel tov!

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Where you spending Christmas this year? Your childhood home? Your auntie and uncles'? Your grandma's? Good choices, but we should all be heading for Israel because their Burger King chains are dropping the Donut Whopper from December 25th through to New Year's Day.

Yep, this is a standard Whopper, but surrounded by two halves of glazed glory to go with Hanukkah. The sandwich, called the "SufganiKing" is an attempt to emulate the jelly-filled festive treat sufganiyah.

What makes it different is that this version comes with a ketchup topping. "Miracles do happen," the Facebook announcement reads.

CEO of Burger King Israel Steve Ben Shimol said "this matching of two popular Israeli food items was inevitable for us. We're proud to be able to end 2016 on a creative, festive note."

Due to an unfortunate series of planning clashes, I cannot book a flight to Tel Aviv this month to stuff my face with one of these donut whoppers, and neither, I assume, can you. But I reckon they'd be easy enough to make from scratch at home?

God knows I'll try. Mazel Tov!

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