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This Lad Traveled The World Off Just £55

This Lad Traveled The World Off Just £55

Towards the end of my time at uni a lot of people began talking about their plans to travel.

I'd always ask them how on earth they'd afford it, then I realised I was surrounded by middle class people who were withdrawing large sums from the bank of daddy to fund their excursions.

Soon enough they'll be returning, claiming to have found themselves in Thailand after cleaning shite off elephants - only to dip back into daddy's wallet and spend it all in a nightclub that charges £8.50 for half a lager.

However, if like me you're working class, terrible at money management and fancy getting away from the grey skies of England for a bit, you can take inspiration from Timotei Rad.


Timotei is from Romania and managed to travel most of the world with only £55 in his back burner.

Credit: Timotei Rad via Facebook

He got through most of Europe, parts of South America, Asia and the U.S. by hitchhiking with nothing but the shirt on his back, a rucksack and a sleeping bag.

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But as you'd expect, because you can't get from your house to the corner shop without experiencing some kind of ordeal, he encountered some troubles along the way. Including bumping into a member of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

"I was excited and happy to be having such a crazy photo but I didn't know if the gun was loaded. I took the AK47 carefully, and tried not to get close to the trigger. While walking towards him I thought and expected that he may kill me but he wasn't mean, he was like a father. He was a warm hearted man. We then took a photo together and I was very relaxed around him," Timotei told MailOnline Travel.

Credit: Timotei Rad via Facebook


The 30-year-old has been keeping his followed updated on his three year journey via his Facebook page and blog. However, it has been a challenge for him to upload some photographs. He had to trade two cameras for rides, and then ask the new owners to email him the pictures over.

He has now visited an impressive 80 countries, getting by on the bare minimum as well as being helped by some donations from people who read his online advice and posts on his blog.

Words by Mark McGowan

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